Worship Team

The Upside Down Band was born almost by accident. After taking part in a jazz performance in a club on a cold December evening, pastor Antonella Lombardo decided to start a band in order to transmit good music with a positive message . She gets to  work immediately, carefully choosing the members of the group that soon begin to perform in pubs.

But a few hours before their tour was to begin , the singer suffered a problem with her voice and Upside Down who originally were born as a gospel music band , eked out a series of songs that ranged from reggae, pop, ska, rock and ethnic -Africana .

They receive immediate success! The determination and strength of the group working in unity and with a smile, surprises the audience and even gladdens the saddest hearts . From there, the Upside Down Band starts playing music even at parties and participates in singing competitions, getting a good level of satisfaction. The Team strongly believes that music has a spiritual value and that it is able to reach into the deepest parts of the human soul with its overt and subliminal messages. And for this reason they prefer music inspired  directly by the Love of God preferring to do coversions of Delirious, Rojo, Rescate, Cristafari, Dominique Balli, Julissa, Marcos Witt, Alex Campos, Rebecca St. James, United and even electronic music.

Even the band’s name refers to the phrase of a “book” inspired by God which says: “These people, who have turned the world upside down, they have come here too” (Acts 17: 6).

Hence, the objective of Upside Down Band is to bring the Revolution of Hope, where now, there is only drought.