Antonella Lombardo, was born in Sciacca on 12/28/79, was brought up on bread and Bible by fervent Protestant Christian parents. From them she learned the importance of keeping the commandments of God, and during her adolescence she autonomously choose to offer herself completely to God.

In 2000 she undertook a missionary journey to Central America, Nicaragua, working closely with “Christ is the Answer”

The contact with the local people who, unlike the Europeans, do not live in luxury and opulence but live with the essential of life, she is brought into a deep reflection on the value of the things and people that changes her life forever. And ‘thanks to this experience her faith is stripped of every ritualism and cultural prejudice, enriching itself more and more to love God.

Back in Italy, she starts preaching the message of faith with grit to friends and family, and many join her to carry it forward.

In 2007, she is ordained by Pastor by Giacomo Loggia, in agreement with the Christian Church “Jesus Lives” and is officially recognized by CCPI, The Association of Christian Churches Pentecostal Italian.

With a degree in Educational Sciences, she continued her studies at the “Pentecostal Faculty of Religious Sciences” of Aversa. Currently she has launched a training program for young people who desire to positively change the history of Sicily and Italy, by means of Biblical Education, and Leadership Training.

The Christian Church Jesus Lives has been organized into teams of intercession, animation, teaching of the Word and evangelization. Each member is fully involved in the activities inside and out of the church , according to the Biblical principle of the “Body” described in I Corinthians chapter twelve, each is considered necessary for the proper functioning of the Body of Christ, the Church, here on earth .

The pastor and apostle of the church Antonella Lombardo has delegated most leaders to deal with the spiritual care of every person in small groups (Cell Group).

Eliseo e Mariangela // married couple small group

Mariangela  // children small group

Silvia // Teenagers small group