The Christian Church “Jesus lives” was founded in 2003 from the dream of a very tight knit group of kids who shared a devotion to God. Soon the domestic walls were no longer sufficient to contain the increasing number of faithful, so a young community establish themselves in a location on Via Francesco Baracca, 53.

In 2007 the leadership unanimously appointment as the pastor of the church Antonella Lombardo, soon after she was officially recognized by CCPI, the National Association of Churches

In 2007 the Church, had at its heart the needs and the problems of the young, promoted various fun activities that brought many young people to faith in Christ Jesus, so that in 2008 they held their first Baptismal Service.

And again, in 2009, a group ever more prepared and professional, organized an outreach in the street by the main square of Avellino, where performances where brought to life through various art forms like breakdancing, hip hop and, mimes … the evening enjoyed such a success that many people choose to give their lives to Jesus; from these events, a new community was founded in the City.

In that same year the Pastor and her close collaborator Delia Tumminello welcomed an additional challenge: “Revolutionaries in Metamorphosis”, an event that gathers every year consisting of a large group of boys from Agrigento with the aim to encourage them to strongly bring forward the Revolution of Love and Moral Values.

The need to change location was upon us again because of the increase of Believers, so again in June of that same year the Church moved to Via Dott. Onofrio Abruzzo, n. 13/15 and the Sicilian Newspaper published the news.